Smokin’ DJ BLU

Dropped in to Smokestack Lightning Blues Club I was delighted to see that I was in time to catch DJ Blu… what a charmer she is. Not only beautiful, easy on the eyes, she plays a mean set. There is no fooling with her, a long time virtual resident.. she is savvy!

A regular at the club, you will find her there Monday, Wednesday Thursday and Fridays. Her time slots are varied, so you have no excuse to not drop over to the club to check out her music.

Monday 6 – 8 pm. Wednesday 10 a.m till noon

Thursdays 8 pm – 10 pm and Friday 4 pm – 6 pm.

She was busy keeping everyone dancing, I didn’t get to actually interview her, so next time peeps..

Stay Tuned.


dj Wolf Austrone
join his group DJ Wolf’s Howlers

Ladies and gents. I was born under a lucky star. I spent this afternoon listening to the fabulous DJ Wolf. I had been told he was worth taking the time to hear, and he did not disappoint. From Germany his music is extensive, he goes from Rocking can’t sit still to pure funk.

You will find him dancing and tapping to the music he has picked out for you. Yes he does requests. — bring them along with your friends.. — You want to hear and see more of him, join his group, the Howlers.

You will have heard him in other clubs.. but Thursdays he is at Smokestack Lighting Blues. where the ambiance is the best there is.. 12 pm – 02 pm. Mark your calendars.

Stay tuned for more


DJ Wayvz

Down and dirty with DJ> Wayvz, this man plays the blues, when you are at his set, set your settings to a romantic night. Wednesday nights he can be found at Smokestack Lightning Blues Club from 6 pm – 8.

If your wanting more, which is what happens after his sets.. he is back Thursday from 4pm – 6pm. catch a ride .

You like what you hear, join his group. Wayvz Waveletts . Now ladies, here is a snap taken while he wasn’t looking. =^_^=

relaxing at Smokestack, where it is all happening.

Stay tuned, there will be more on DJ Wayvz.



You all know I wander the many pathways of the virtual worlds. I think I’ve found a place to call home, Come see for yourself, bring a friend, in fact bring as many friends as you can, cuz once you land, you’ll want to stay and party .. Smokestack Lightning Blues Club, Silicone Valley, you need only take the taxi right here

This is just a tease, watch for pictures on Flickr and Pinterest.. If you are on Facebook, follow us on FB. Stay tuned to what is happening. Join our group. Bookmark this blog. Tell your friends.

Come meet the talented DJs, the host/hostess team that all help to make your listening pleasure, the best. Meet fellow Blues lovers, dance, and play. We are here to make your evening/nights, the hottest, the steamiest … whew.. fans furiously to cool down…. best ever.

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting bios on the DJs you’ll find at Smokestack.


Bogenherz Swansong

Bo’s been around both in SL and RL .. A working musician in RL he has had personal experiences with many bands, playing different styles of music. A naturally creative person, Bo has enjoyed playing in different venues in SL .. I found him at Smokestack Lightning Blues Club where he was doing a set earlier this week. Tuesdays 4 PM (every week)

Bo has a stream, it can be found here

More on DJ Bo in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

China Dream

Yume Yoshikawa

I’ve known this lady a long time. It is my pleasure to introduce you to DJ Yume Yoshikawa, This Asian talent has been in SL a long time, and has many followers. If you have not had the chance to enjoy her multi talented shows.. have a look.

She is classy, wild and beautiful. She spins the Blues, big bands, swing, contemporary jazz, latin jazz, old school R & B. Electric Blues, Soul, Mowtown, and and..

To find out where she is playing and at what times, join her group. Here is a link for her broadcasts online. copy and paste

Tuesdays, she can be found at FogBound Blues 6pm -8 pm

Wednesdays – Tango’s 7 pm – 9 pm http://larius River (58,191,14)

Fridays – Fogbound Blues 5 pm – 7 pm.

Friday – Tango’s 7 pm – 9 p