Hedy Patrucci

Ladies and Gents, this lady can sing. Her performance is something you don’t want to miss. I had to wait.. time zones.. it was worth the wait. I joined her group so that I would know when she is due to sing.. Her song list is extensive, from Adele, Diana Krall, Eartha Kitt, Leann Rimes to my favourites Norah Jones even Rita Coo. These are just samplings. I saw her a the Ville de Coeur -Harbor Square. If you join her group, you will be notified when and where she will be next.

I heard about her months ago, it really was a challenge to find a time to hear her .. her partner Lord had sent me a link to a couple of her recordings. From Europe, she appears in clubs not familiar to us here in North America.. Honestly.. find the time.. you’ll be glad you did.

Hedy’s group > Fan of Hedy Patrucci do yourself a favour, check it out. for more information you can contact Lord Voxel.. here is a tease https://soundcloud.com/user-425621174

Till soon


8th July

hello everyone, this is the post from my main blog


Always be true to yourself

Good morning everyone, yesterday was a very busy day, thought I’d share a bit of it with you. I’ll also be posting this article in the Virtual News 8 blog. Lessons we learn along the way are many, yesterday, I enjoyed sharing time with friends in the virtual world of Second Life. It was a reminder of how being with friends and sharing pastimes, and interest, listening to good music and just “chilling” can make for an awesome visit.

My good friend and “sister” in SL is Yume Yoshikawa, she is a FT DJ in SL and has been for absolutely years. We go back to 2007. Where I have been mostly a builder, doing builds, designs and selling my line of clothes, she was and is always working her talents as a music buff who shares her gift…

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Canada Day 7.1

How boring can Blu and China be…

Come on guys and gals, I’ve seen you these last months dancing at the Stack, we have the best dancers, the grooviest dressers . Tomorrow is beach day, come show us your “stuff”… let’s see what the Smokestack VIPS can do.. Strut your stuff. Shake your booties. Let’s turn the beach into the Glamour Rendez -Vu of SL.. like only the Smokestack crowd can do. We don’t just party, we start new trends.

We will be starting the day off with DJ Q… Wah Hoooo he’s back.

10 a,m, till noon
Noon- till 2 pm
2pm till 4 pm
DJ Train 4 pm – 6 pm
DJ Dee from 6 pm – 8 pm
End the night with DJ Tommy Mac 8 pm – 10 pm

OK.. you might not be able to take it all in.. but you can come and go, don’t miss out on any of the fun, show off as many outfits as you like. We value our Smokestack family, you make us the “happening” place in all of SL. There are other clubs, and good venues, but we take the lead, we offer you fun on the beach, and always the best in Blues in the club. Our exceptional DJs are here for you.

Come join in .. Canada Day… Wednesday, July 1st. 2020. Be part of the fun, help make it a day to remember.

Your train ticket is right here.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silicone%20Valley/48/221/22

See you at the beach


Monday at the beach

Woot what a way to start the week. Today is Beach Day here at Smokestack, I’m already here come on down. OK so I’m early… can’t wait to dance on the sandy beach. Dee has even got a place for us to roast marshmallows Smores anyone.. =^_^=

We are starting the day at 10 a.m with DJ. Ryan..

noon SL till 2 pm
DJ Silver 2 pm – 4 pm
D?J Fizz from 4 – 6 pm
DJ Blu spins 6 pm – 8 pmOh Lawd,

from 8 pm – 10 pm – you will be entertained by DJ Ben Vee and his host Dreamy.
Sorry guys and gals, my library is not giving up any picture for Dj Ben, so you will have to come and check DJ Ben Vee out for yourselves.

The line up today is dynamic, each of the DJ’s brings his/her own special sounds. Blues at Smokestack is always varied and true to the Blues genre. When the heat of the day has you broiling in your birks.. come on down and dance on the beach. Join friends, bring friends, meet new ones Smokestack is the place to be..

here is your ticket to ride http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silicone%20Valley/174/246/23

Come now wake up and shine. shake out your summer frock, shorts, swimwear and join us for some great fun. DJ Silver and I will be there at 2 PM with DJ Silver’s hostess Rori who has the greatest smile .

A reminder the DJ’s spend a lot of time putting together music that will entertain and keep you dancing.. their amazing host/hostess(s) are always on hand to help you out with a group tag.. you need one if you want to keep up with what is happening at Smokestack. Plus.. we want you in our circle. Smokestack is an empty building without all the super fans of our DJs and the music we play.

We are here to play for you… come and take advantage of the sun and surf.. You won’t be sorry… we are here for YOU.

Till next time..


Smoking on Sat. 30th.

Here we go starting another Soul filled week-end at Smokestack. Now I know the weather is inviting, but come on now.. no where can you find the blues being played like it is at Smokestack.

grab your ticket here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silicone%20Valley/96/189/24

You start your day with DJ Q.. will get you moving, so that you just won’t want to stop,

OK so you have errands to do, them done and get back here for the Queen of the Smokestack, DJ Dee. She is all legs with a sassy personality that keeps you coming back for more.

When you think you can’t take another step, your day has worn you out. Then come on back for DJ Fiz He is just too darn “out there” to resist.

If you fall asleep at the club.. LOL I see Fiz will be here to wake you up at Noon SL Sunday. This man is glutton to the Blues. He still standing, he playing for you.

There are amazing sounds and Personalities in between the DJs I’ve mentioned here, come on down and discover what being a Blues fans is all about. Get to know the regulars, this is a fun place.

Stay tuned.


Your ticket to ride is below Smokestack logo.. and if you can’t make your cursor move up.. here it is again… http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silicone%20Valley/96/189/24

Sunday at the beach


Hey, what is happening at Smokestack, there have been so many changes. First of all, have you been to the beach yet. If not, today is your day for some fun at the beach.’


A lot goes on at the club. Smokestack has been around for some time, and will continue to play an important role to those of us who consider the Smokestack home. How do you ensure that you keep up with what is happening, join the VIP group and always be in the know. If you haven’t done so already, put us in your picks so your friends and others you meet in your travels can join in on the fun.

You will meet the likes of DJ Q who seems to be playing at all different hours of the day,
Did you know that DJ Silver is now on Mondays at 2 PM SL time
Did you know that DJ Blu not only DJ but is the assistant manager at the club…??

Don’t miss out. Whether you come on a regular basis, or just on those special occasions when you need to “chill” and be “home”. Smokestack is your home away from home.

Come find me, introduce yourself if I’m around, would love to meet with you all

Stay tuned.


Dj Yume is back!


Yume is back. The party was in full swing. Saw her last night at Tango’s for a Jungle Party. It had been awhile since I had been to one of Yume’s sets.. What a time! I had forgotten what high energy she has. She had us all dancing. No one sits when Yume takes to the stage. You might have missed last night, nut guess what.. she is back on Friday nights for Latin Sizzle. 7 pm SL . the best way to never miss one of her sets is to join her group.

Taxi to Tango’s http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Larius%20River/61/191/14

Stay tuned


Smokestack -news


Good morning everyone.. what is new at Smokestack.. what is going on.. well guys and gals, a lot is happening.. if you are not already a VIP member of this club now is the time to clean up your groups and make space for Smokestack Lightning Blues Club. I’ve provided you all with a LM to the club. You have two choices. join at the club, or go to search on your SL screen, click on the Groups tab.. find Smokestack Lightning vips.. and join .. it is as easy as that.

Smokestack is a premier Blues Club. You get all the vibes of a blues club down on a bayou.No need to get fancy with us.. just be you come on down and slide and sway to the music you love to listen to every day. Each DJ has his/her own style, there is not one that won’t give you their all. Their aim is to keep you dancing and loving your time. The club is welcoming and each host/hostess at the club is there to help you get the most out of your experience at Smokestack.

The amazing DJ talent is always showcased, I will be doing a revamp. YES there have been changes.. Our family of vinyl talent is pretty steady, but like all in life, change happens. If you are in our VIP group, you get to know all about what is happening its not a surprise. But hey, if you like surprises.. we got that for you too. =^_^=

why is he getting another mention so soon… read on..

DJ Silver is now coming to you live from the chocolate state… twice a week. Mondays 2-4 pm SL time .. DJ Silver known more for his sultry steamy blues, has a lot more to offer you. You need only tweak his IM box with your requests. He does a mean up tempo blues.. actually any style of blues is in his kind of music. Ask.

DJ Frog is back.. we missed his naughty boy self. Wednesdays at 2 pm. catch him if you dare.. Be brave, if you don’t know Frog, check him out.

Today Tuesday May 5th. we are at the BEACH…. show off those tans .. come on down and party It all starts real early.

8.am. yes 8 a.m. with DJ Ryan hostess Mina

10 a.m. DJ MikeyMac with his hostess Ginny

12 noon you will find DJ Free taking the stage with host Sum

2 pm DJ Syydneyy and hostess Joanna

4 pm DJ BO with host Sydnee

6 pm DJ Sasha and Captain Schorr

8 pm DJ Q and the lovely Anastasia

You have no excuse .. come on down.. and don’t forget .. if you like us.. put us in your picks.


Stay tuned


Tuesday DJ Ryan

Tuesdasy morning 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Happy Tuesdays, rain or shine, we will have DJ Ryan, starting our day with Blues.. Roll out of bed and come on down. His sets begin at 8.. his charming host Mina has dances she shares if you are wanting to dance in sync with her. =^_^=

How often have you thought of shaking your bootie on the bar.. we have lots of space, what better time than early morning… get your early morning work out dancing to the Blues. DJ. Ryan.

Come on down. Still lots of time.. Here is your ticket to ride the Smokestack train http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silicone%20Valley/86/186/24

10 am. is DJ MikeyMac

Smokestack Lightning Blues


Where do you go on Sunday to jump, jive and slide… Smokestack Lightning Blues club that is where. Now with the Club Sync’d Dances in Formation, the huge tract of beach land. you can dance your little heart out.

The night ends with DJ DEE, so there is no sitting still wherever you are when listening to her sets
DJ Ali with her host Clouds smokin up the dance floor with their moves

Where do you want to be on Sundays…. Smokestack Lightning Blues Club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silicone%20Valley/173/235/22

Stay tuned.